The NUTRILORDS brand was born from the experience of the Tyrell brothers.

Mario and Maurice, a dynamic duo of personal trainers who work between Miami and Lausanne.

The Tyrell brothers have over 10 years' experience in the fields of fitness, well-being and nutrition.

They have a proven track record in overseeing the implementation of effective training regimens accompanied by nutrition protocols.

A unique approach

Over the years the Tyrell brothers have developed a unique approach to Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) physical training.

This mode of training is based on efficiency and customer need.

Mario and Maurice have brought their experience in this field of electrostimulation from Munich to Miami and Lausanne.

The Tyrell brothers will draw on the experience of their clientele made up of award-winning directors, top athletes, entrepreneurs...

Solicited by their customers seeking well-being, a happier and healthier life, the Tyrell brothers offer protocols that combine training, dietary advice and top-quality nutrition.

An important moment in the birth of NUTRILORDS:

Meeting Doctor Romain Martinez, who confirmed the soundness of Nutrilords formulas, the quality of the products used and their perfect synergy.

Doctor Martinez is a recognized professional and an avid sportsman.

With a doctorate in medicine, Dr Martinez is a former emergency physician. He practiced emergency medicine and mountain medicine in France for many years.

He is based in Paris, France.

He has been in general and family medicine practice in the canton of Fribourg since 2011, with laboratory, digital radiology and ultrasound practices.

Dr. Martinez is the Director as well as one of the founding members of Edelweiss Clinic, but he is also Vice-President of the Swiss Association of Medical Practitioners.

The right cocktail

The NUTRILORDS project was born out of discussions with customers who spoke of their nutritional deficiencies and recurring ailments such as fatigue, lack of sleep, joint pain, muscle recovery, hair loss, brittle nails and dietary imbalances.

Based on their experience, research and collaboration with healthcare professionals, the Tyrell brothers have developed amazing and varied formulations that aim to shape lasting results.

The Tyrell brothers began with the following observations:

  • The dietary imbalance of many customers;
  • The rhythm of professional life, lack of deep quality sleep, and just the stress of the daily fast pace world.
  • Athletes puting much more strain on their body’s resulting for a need of a higher vitamin and mineral demand, without forgetting to modify protein and carbohydrate intakes.